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Aluminium Roofline Products

Established for 30 years, Aluminium Roofline Products (ARP) manufactures all types of aluminium roofline and rainwater products, as well as traditional cast iron rainwater systems from their premises in Leicestershire. They cover all sectors including housing developers, heritage, retail, self builds, and the public sector. Drainage Central’s team of experts can help you find the right products for your client or home.

Drainage Centrals Range includes:

  • Sentinel Extruded Aluminium Guttering - Extruded aluminium gutters have increased on popularity over recent years due to their fine lines, clean appearance and robust properties.
  • Legacy Cast Aluminium Guttering - Cast aluminium gutters are an alternative to Cast Iron owing to their lightweight, corrosion resistant and aesthetically pleasing characteristics
  • Colonnade Aluminium Downpipes - Available in Swaged, Flush Joint and Traditional Cast Collared means there is an aluminium rainwater pipe option for every project.
  • Colonnade Aluminium Hopper Heads
  • Legion Pressed Aluminium Box Guttering - Pressed aluminium gutters present contemporary designs now popular within the housing and self build market.
  • Britannia Cast Iron Guttering - Cast Iron is durable and aesthetically pleasing on all heritage or listed building projects when a fully traditional look is desired.
  • Britannia Cast Iron Downpipes
  • Britannia Cast Iron Hopper Heads
Features of Aluminium Gutter and Downpipe:

Wide range of gutter profiles and pipe styles and sizes
- Drainage Central offers ARP’s vast selection of aluminium rainwater gutter types and profiles, and downpipe styles and sizes that can cater to any type of rainwater management system. This allows customers to find the right fit for their specific requirements both domestic and industrial.
Gutter types Including Cast Aluminium Gutter, Extruded Aluminium Gutter, and Pressed Aluminium Gutter
Gutter Styles Including Half Round Gutter, Beaded Gutter, Deep style Gutter, Ogee Gutter, and Box Gutter
Pipe Styles Including Cast Collar Pipe, Swaged Pipe, Flush Joint Pipe and Security Downpipe
Pipe Sizes Including 63mm, 76mm, 101mm and 150mm in Round Pipes and 63mm, 76mm and 101mm in Square Pipe, and 101x76mm Rectangular Pipework
Non-standard colours available on request for Aluminium Rainwater
- Along with a range of standard colours and finishes, ARP also offers non-standard colours upon request from RAL and BS charts. This gives customers more options and allows them to customize their rainwater goods to match their building's aesthetic.
Aluminium has a Long life expectancy of 40 years and is fully recyclable
- ARP's aluminium rainwater goods have an impressive life expectancy of 40 years, which means customers can enjoy their high-quality rainwater management system for years to come. Additionally, the products are fully recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice.
Benefits of Aluminium Gutter and Downpipe
Durable and long-lasting rainwater management system
- With ARP's aluminium rainwater goods, customers can expect a rainwater management system that is both sturdy and long-lasting, with a life expectancy of 40 years. This means they can save money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements.
Aluminium is easy to install and maintain
- The lightweight design of ARP's aluminium rainwater goods makes them easier to install and work with. This not only saves customers time and effort but also reduces the cost of installation. Moreover, the products are easy to maintain, which helps to increase their longevity.
Aluminium is Customizable and visually appealing
- By offering a range of colour options and styles, ARP’s aluminium range allows customers to customize their rainwater goods to match their building's design. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the building but also helps improve its overall value.
Call the experts at Drainage Central now for all your Aluminium gutter needs!
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