Colonnade Aluminium Round Downpipe - Flushjoint

The Colonnade Range of Aluminium Circular Rainwater Flush Joint Downpipes are available in either a Mill finish or PPC finish.

Colonnade downpipes are available in circular, square, rectangular and security styles. With a number of different profiles listed below, which are all lightweight and easy to fit. Ideal for any property, from modern to traditional and equally suited for refurbishment of Heritage or Listed properties.

Different types of Aluminium Downpipes
• Aluminium Swaged Round Downpipe
• Aluminium Swaged Sqaure Downpipe
• Aluminium Swaged Rectangular Downpipe
• Aluminium Cast Collar Round Downpipe
• Aluminium Cast Collar Square Downpipe
• Aluminium Cast Collar Rectangular Downpipe
• Aluminium Flushfit Circular Downpipe
• Aluminium Flushfit Square Downpipe
• Aluminium Security Downpipe

What are the benefits of installing Aluminium Round downpipes on your property
• Lightweight.
• Corrosive resistant.
• Low maintenance.
• Aesthetically pleasing.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Recyclable.
• Mill finish or powder coated to specific RAL/BS colour.
• Long Life Span

The Colonnade Range of 63mm Aluminium Circular Rainwater Downpipes are available in either a Mill Finish Aluminium or Polyester Powder
Coated (PPC) to a range of BS or RAL Colours below.

Additional colour options are available, but may incur a surcharge and require a longer lead time, so please bear this in mind when placing your order.
For more information please call our customer service team on 03302 230 275.

Oyster White RAL 1013 ARP Standard (BS/RAL) Colour Range Ultramarine Blue RAL 5002
Moss Green RAL 6005 Mouse Grey RAL 7005 Basalt Grey RAL 7012
Slate Grey RAL 7015 Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 Graphite Grey RAL 7024
Light Grey RAL 7035 Dusty Grey RAL 7037 Agate Grey RAL 7038
Chocolate Brown RAL 8017 Jet Black RAL 9005 Pure White RAL 9010
Traffic White RAL 9016 Bitter Chocolate BS 08 B29 Traffic Red RAL 3020

Aluminium Production and Recycling Process
Aluminium is one of the most readily available and sustainable materials used in construction today.

Products made from Aluminium are often made from a high quantity of recycled aluminium and can be readily recycled at the end of its useful life, needing much less energy to recycle aluminium than used in its intitial extraction and production process.