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5 Interesting Guttering and Drainage Installations from Around the World

Drainage dosen’t have to be boring! From detailed downspouts to riveting rain chains we’ve collected some images of the most unique and interesting drainage and plumbing solutions from around the world.

1.  Downspout on the chateau de Blois in France*

The chateu De Blois served as a place of residence to many French rulers from the 13th to the 17 century. This ostentatious downspout found on the side of the building is fine enough for even the most grand of castles. The gold paintwork and exquisite detailing helps to create a downspout fit enough for a king, or in this case, several French Kings. 

2. Rain Chains

Popular in Japanese gardens, rain chains turn rainfall into an art. There are so many variations of the classic rain chain, from silverware to semi precious stones. Rain chains hang down from a disperse point in the rain gutter, rainwater will then fall down the chain and into a drainage channel, or water collection point below. Rain chains can be used instead of or as well as your original downspout. We think rain chains look particularly cool when the water inside them has frozen.

3. Kunsthopassage in Dresden, Germany

Kunsthofpassage Dresden

Not only is this installation wonderful to look at, with its twirling pipes and wavy blue paintwork, but this guttering system is also music to your ears (literally). As rainwater makes its way through the downpipes, a charming musical tune is produced.

4. Centre georges pompidoi in Paris, France

Centre Georges Pompidoi

This wondrous building was designed so that most of its functional plumbing and drainage is displayed on the outside rather than hidden. What’s even more fascinating about this unique building is that the pipes are actually colour coded to match their function. For example all plumbing pipes are green.

5. Watering can downspout

watering can downspout

We’re not sure who this downspout belongs to but the idea is certainly very cool. If you’re type who always seems to forget to water your garden plants this is a great idea! The fact that it’s painted such a vibrant yellow makes it all the more whimsical. If you wanted to take the idea one step further, you could have the run off channel into a garden stream or pond.

* Photo credit goes to Denis Jarvis, visit his Flickr account here: