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Brett Martin Deepstyle 170 industrial rainwater system

Why Choose Deepstyle 170?

10 year warranty

Your guttering system should provide a hassle free drainage solution that doesn’t need to be considered once installation is complete. If you choose Brett Martin’s Deepstyle 170 system, you are guaranteed peace of mind thanks to its 10 year warranty.

Easy To Install

Brett Martin’s Deepstyle 170 Guttering uses clip and seal technology: an innovative design feature that makes installation and removal (if required) straightforward and simple. Clip and seal is fully factory fitted to every Deepstyle 170 fitting; the specially designed seal sits within the fitting, and the cap locks firmly in place, to ensure a secure and efficient rainwater system. The specially designed clip and seal technology is also slightly flexible to make fitting piece to piece easy, once the pieces lock into place, a click sound is produced, letting the fitter know that the seal has been compressed and a safe and secure connection has been established.

Seamless Integration

Industrial buildings need a high capacity rainwater system, and so it’s important for connecting downpipes as well as the gutters to accommodate for this. Brett Martin’s Deepstyle gutters intergrate seamlessly with the Brett Martin 110mm industrial downpipes including both the plain ended and single socket downpipes and their fittings. We offer a range Of Brett Martin 110mm fittings including brances, bends, access pipes and clips, allowing for an adaptable industrial rainwater system that provides maximum efficiency.

Brett Martin Guttering


Industrial buildings require a heavy duty guttering system, that is reliable and high performing. Brett Martin’s Deepstyle 170 guttering has been fully tested to BS EN 1462 Load Class H. The Deepstyle 170 also allows for a whopping water capacity of 11.54 litres per second*, making it perfect for an array of commercial and industrial buildings.

*Centre outlet on maximum roof area of 550 m2

Cost Efficient

The Deepstyle 170’s larger water capacity means fewer downpipe and drainage connections, therefore saving on material and cost when installing your rainwater system.