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Cast Iron Guttering - Choose the Best For Your Property

Cast iron guttering systems are durable, sustainable and stylish; commonly seen on heritage buildings and listed properties, yet increasingly popular on new builds too, thanks to their many advantageous properties.

Why Choose Cast Iron Guttering?

Long Lasting

If maintained well, a cast iron guttering system can last for 50 years or more, many heritage buildings still use their original guttering systems.

Sustainable and Eco Friendly Thanks to cast irons strong and long lasting properties, the need for replacement guttering, repairs and spare parts is lessened, meaning less new material and waste is produced.


Cast iron is an exceptionally strong material, making it a fantastic choice for guttering.

Why Choose Britannia Cast Iron Guttering?

Britannia is a leading UK drainage product manufacturer, and can provide a complete cast iron rainwater system. Britannia products are always of fantastic quality and made to high manufacturing standards.

Cast iron guttering systems

If you’re looking for cast iron guttering, whether it’s a full rainwater system or simply a spare part for repair, at drainage central we stock a wide range of cast iron guttering from leading guttering manufacturer Britannia

We have a wide range of cast iron guttering in various profiles, from plain half round cast iron guttering, to Victorian ogee cast iron guttering. Britannia cast iron guttering also comes in a broad range of colours and finishes, to suit particular styles of building, and personal preference.