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Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal This Autumn

Colder weather means more time indoors, and more time indoors means more visits from friends and family. Make your home the envy of your neighbours this autumn and create an appealing and inviting exterior using our tips.

Clean up!

It’s surprising what a difference a sweeping brush and some soap and water can make. Many of us use the exterior of our homes as a sort of 'dumping ground' for the things we don’t want inside: old furniture, rubbish bags and neglected plants arethe typical items you may find cluttering up your home's front entrance. Clear some space in your schedule to de-clutter and clean your home's front entrance. Once all the clutter is out the way, sweep away dirt and wipe down door hardware and window sills.

Replace worn fixtures

Chipped paint on window frames and doors, worn handles and out-of-date drainage systems all add up to create an unsightly, unwelcoming exterior. If your guttering needs replacing, it’s important to do so as soon as possible, to prevent damage to both the exterior and interior of your home! Chipped paintwork will make your home look tired and unkempt, thankfully this is one DIY job that’s pretty easy, and won’t require calling in a professional. Lastly, if your door handle has seen better days, for example if it has become loose, worn or just out of style, it may be time to replace it. If you really want to create an exterior to be proud of, why not upgrade all your front door hardware? Door knockers, keyhole escutcheons, letterboxes and doorbell buttons are all fixtures that will be noticed by anyone that comes to visit.

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Add details that make a difference

To create some serious curb appeal you’ll want to add some décor to your front entrance. Plants in decorative plant pots are a great way to give your front entrance a boost and create a welcoming environment. Adding hopper heads to your guttering system can also add a decorative flare to an otherwise mundane feature on the outside of your home. We also have a range of wall planters in cascade styles, perfect for homes with cast iron style guttering, or traditionally styled buildings. Halloween is a great excuse to buy more outdoor decorations, but after the celebration ends, it dosent mean we have to take them down. Many Halloween decorations can also double up as year round decorations. For example, string lights are a popular way to decorate outdoors during Halloween, but are also a great way to light up the outdoors throughout the rest of winter.

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