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Gutter Protection

Gutter Protection

Cleaning gutters: it’s a task that no one wants to spend their Sunday afternoon doing, however clear gutter channels are essential for a guttering system to work efficiently. Over the years, you will find dirt, debris, leaves and twigs collect in the gutter channels, and can prevent water from flowing through at the designed rate, in turn you may find that water collects in the channels and spills over the sides of your gutter. This can create an array of problems from staining on the side of a building, to roof damage and nasty leaks.

Cleaning gutters needn’t be such a tedious chore, in fact, with good gutter protection, you will find not only will you need to clean your gutters much less but when the time comes cleaning your gutters is much more painless. There are various types of gutter protection available. Each style is designed to perform the same function: to prevent dirt and debris from blocking the gutter, however you may prefer one style over another for various reasons, such as price, how easy the style is to install and the area you live in.

Screen Gutter Guards

Screen gutter guard
Screen gutter guards sit on top of the gutter channels, and work by preventing leaves and twigs from settling in the channels. Leaves that find their way to the top of the mesh, will simply dry out and are then blown away naturally by wind. If you live in an area surrounded by trees, you may find that leaves and twigs are the main culprits in preventing your guttering from working efficiently, and so screen gutter guards may be the best option for you.

Porcupipe Gutter Brushes

Porcupipe gutter brush in black

Porcupipe gutter brush in white

Gutter brushes are sometimes reffered to as hedgehog gutter brushes, bottle brushes or bristle brushes. The ‘Porcupipe’ gutter brush is Brett Martin’s own branded gutter brush. Gutter brushes sit inside the gutter channels, allowing water to freely flow through, whilst preventing the collection of debris and dirt. Gutter brushes can also help to prevent birds and rodents from nesting in your gutter channels, or using the gutters as an entrance into your attic space. Porcupipe gutter brushes are very easy to install, low cost and require very little maintenance. If you’re looking for a fuss free gutter protection option then Porcupipe gutter brushes may be the best option for you.