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Home Exterior Maintenance Checklist for Autumn

As the weather begins to get colder, we can start to neglect the outside of our homes. No more BBQs and garden parties means there’s less pressure on us to keep our home exteriors looking presentable and tidy. However while it’s nice to have a neat and fresh looking exterior, this is only cosmetic, the real problems begin when we begin to neglect areas that can lead to damage. For example, roof and gutter maintenance is important all year round, and improper care can cause unsightly and costly damage. This is where our exterior checklist comes in. It will only take an hour of your time to complete, and potentially save you a few headaches in the future. We’ve also added a few cosmetic checks in too which you can easily go through as you’re checking for the more important stuff.

Before you begin any home maintenance checks, it’s important to make sure safety is always a priority. If you are unsure how you can complete any of the following tasks safely, it may be best o call in a professional.


Check for loose tiles, rot and tile misplacement. Check for leaks and nests.

Windows and doors

Check window and door seals, paintwork on window frames, security fixtures and glass pains

Guttering and drainage

Check guttering for blockage, damage and loose fixtures. Check water is draining into proper channels, this includes inspecting floor drainage and channel drains. Using gutter protection will provide peace of mind. We recommend installing this if you haven’t already.


Make sure water is draining as it should into the appropriate channels, if water is collecting anywhere this will be due to improper drainage, and can lead to water damage both outside and inside your home.

Attic/loft, cellar/basement

Check for signs of pests E.G. droppings, nests etc...


Check door and window frame paintwork for chips, fading and staining


Inspect your walls for water staining (this could be a result of improper rainwater drainage)