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How New Guttering Can Impress Potential Buyers

Why New Guttering?

If your home is currently on the market then you’ve probably seen various tips and tricks on bumping up the value, but have you considered something as simple as replacing your guttering? First impressions are important and if the first thing a potential buyer spots is rotting gutters, broken downpipes or even just outdated and worn looking guttering, the chances are before they’ve even set foot inside they may have developed a negative opinion. In contrast if they notice the guttering is modern and in good condition the home will have much more of a positive impression on the buyer.

Is it For Me?

Replacing your guttering might be one of the most cost efficient ways to increase the value of your home. If your budget won’t allow drastic home improvement projects replacing guttering could be a more cost effective, time efficient and generally easy way to increase home value. Here at drainage central we have a huge range of brett martin guttering products available in various styles and colours.

What Style Guttering Should I Choose?

If you would like to replace your existing gutters first of all it depends on what you want to replace. Do you want to replace a one off worn downpipe or the whole guttering system? Whatever you want to replace at drainage central we’ve got you covered from aluminium gutters to plastic gutters and more. We advise that if you’re just replacing a part of your existing guttering that you try and get guttering that’s a good match colour and shape wise; a brown downpipe will just look odd against a white pvc gutter. If you are replacing all gutters and downpipes you need to consider the background, if you don’t want your guttering to stand out (and let’s face it who does?) for your guttering to blend in seamlessly you’ll need to choose a colour that doesn’t stand out, and a shape that complements the other fixtures and features on the exterior of your house. We stock a huge range of Brett Martin guttering so finding the perfect style and colour should be easy!