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How to Connect Cast Iron to Cast Iron Effect - 4 Simple Steps

Step One

Look for An adaptor with Matching Profile & Size

Brett Martin offer a range of adaptors to suit various existing cast iron guttering sizes and profiles. Make sure you look for an adaptor which matches your gutters existing profile and size. If you aren't sure of this, get in touch with a member of our team for advice.

Step Two

Choose the Right Side Adaptor for Your Guttering

You will need to choose an adaptor with either a right hand or left hand fixing depending on how your existing guttering is facing. If you are connecting the new guttering on the left of an existing pipe you will need a left hand adaptor. The same goes for a right hand connection.

Step Three

Remove Existing Guttering

If you are replacing old guttering you will need to remove this before adding the adaptor.

Step Four

Connect the Adaptor

The adaptor will act as a connect between the existing guttering and the new guttering to create a seamless water flow. The adaptor will first need to be connected to the existing guttering. Once the adaptor is fitted, the new piece of cast iron effect guttering can be installed as normal.
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