Plastic Guttering vs. Aluminium Guttering

PVC Plastic Gutters

Low cost

Plastic Guttering is inexpensive, easy to replace and easy to install. Compared to cast iron or aluminium guttering, installing a new guttering system made from PVC plastic is much more budget friendly, however plastic guttering may need to be replaced more often, although in the event of damage or wear and tear, replacing part of your plastic guttering won’t leave you out of pocket.


Plastic guttering is modern and readily available in various colours and styles, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Plastic guttering is also has a very sleek and seamless look, perfect for modern homes.


Unlike metal guttering the guttering itself is coloured rather than coated or painted, which means no chipping paint and no paint scratches.


PVC is a strong yet flexible material. It responds differently to weather changes than cast iron. It’s flexibility means that it won’t bow as easily from years of weater pressure and can bounce back from impact, which means less dents and chips.

Cast Iron Gutters

Cost Effective

Cast Iron guttering is a more costly option than some other guttering materials, however cast iron is very cost effective, proven to last 50 years on average, with some systems going strong past 100.

Sustainable and eco friendly

Cast iron is a recyclable and fairly sustainable material, because of its long lasting nature, there’s no need for replacement parts or replacement guttering as often as other materials, and can be recycled once ready to be replaced. The process of producing cast iron guttering does have some environmental impact as with most manufacturing processes, however the longevity and infinite recyclability of cast iron makes it one of the best choices for the environmentally conscious.

Responds well to weather changes

Some plastic guttering can suffer from more permanent weather related damage as although it is flexible, it doesn’t respond as well as cast iron when it comes to temperature changes, which can result in a short lifespan. Cast iron is not a flexible material, but does respond better to temperature changes than plastic, thanks to its ability to expand and contract without becoming permanently deformed. 

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