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Why Did We Start Using PVCU Gutters? We Answer This Question and More as We Explore the Evolution of Domestic Guttering from Cast Iron To Plastic Cast Iron Effect.
In this article we explore the alternatives to traditional cast iron guttering including cast effect gutters, aluminium gutters and steel gutters.
Cast iron effect guttering is a guttering style designed to imitate traditional cast iron guttering.  In this article, we explore the advantages, installation process, maintenance tips and environmental benefits of cast effect guttering and learn why it's worth considering for your property.
The Lindab Rainline Steel Gutter System is a highly environmentally friendly choice for rainwater management. It has the lowest carbon footprint compared to other materials, with up to 30% of the steel made from recycled material and the ability to be completely recycled. The system includes Lindab Magestic, a trademarked galvanized steel material with a stronger magnesium zinc alloy coating for enhanced durability. Magestic also has self-healing properties and a lower impact on zinc resources compared to hot-dipped galvanized steel. It is particularly suitable for coastal environments, offering superior corrosion resistance and longevity. Overall, Lindab's steel gutter system combines eco-friendliness, durability, and performance.

Cast Iron Guttering can be joined to Cast Iron Effect guttering in 4 simple steps. Find out more here.

PVCu Plastic / cast iron effect guttering can be joined to authentic cast iron guttering easily with the help of the right adaptor. Read more in this article.

Galvanised steel rainwater systems offer many benefits over other guttering materials on the market, we explore some here.

Brett martin's cast iron effect guttering achieves their authentic look by following an original manufacturing process.

Cleaning gutters needn’t be such a tedious chore, in fact, with good gutter protection, you will find not only will you need to clean your gutters much less, but when the time comes, cleaning your gutters is much more painless.

Home maintinance

As the weather begins to get colder, we can start to neglect the outside of our homes. This is where our exterior checklist comes in. We’ve also added a few cosmetic checks in too which you can easily go through as you’re checking for the more important stuff.

From a fresh coat of paint on your door and window frames, to replacing tired and worn guttering, there are many ways you can transform your homes exterior from drab to fab.
Drainage dosen’t have to be boring! From detailed downspouts to riveting rain chains we’ve collected some images of the most unique and interesting drainage and plumbing solutions from around the world.
So you’re outside, trimming the front of your house with Christmas lights and you notice your guttering is a little bit worse for wear, the paint is starting to chip around your door frame and the outdoor drain could really do with a good unblocking. Sound familiar? If you want to make your home’s exterior a little bit more welcoming for all the friends and family that’ll be visiting this Christmas, we recommend getting to work on those drab and worn fixtures.
Flexseal is a trusted manufacturer of drainage and plumbing products including flexible couplings, adaptor couplings, latteral connections, plumbing couplings and more.

Cast iron guttering systems are durable, sustainable and stylish; commonly seen on heritage buildings and listed properties, yet increasingly popular on new builds too, thanks to their many advantageous properties.

Brett Martins 170mm industrial rainwater system makes an excellent choice for industrial and commercial buildings including farm buildings, warehouses or apartment buildings.

see how a rainwater harvesting tank can help save you money, and is beneficial for the environment.

Here we look at two very different materials, both used as options for home guttering and drainage systems. Both materials are more than suitable for guttering, but both come with individual benefits and set backs. When it comes to choosing guttering for your home, there is no right answer, but there may be a more suitable answer for you and your homes individual needs.

If your home is currently on the market then you've probably seen various tips and tricks on bumping up the value, but have you considered something as simple as replacing your guttering?