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Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

Drainage Central offer a wide range of cast iron soil pipe and fittings to suit all different types of projects all supplied from Hargreaves Foundry which have been established since 1881. They are specialist iron founders and manufacture cast iron products for a range of industries.

Hargreaves Foundry Drainage

Hargreaves Foundry Drainage is one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cast iron drainage products for above and below ground. They provide a vast range of cast iron products from traditional cast iron rainwater and cast iron soil products through to modern cast iron, socketless cast iron systems, above and below ground cast iron systems that meet international standards and carry third party certification. The system of cast iron drainage products are fully compliant with BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 (Incorporating corrigendum 2008) and carry Independent third party certification by the BBA and BSI to confirm compliance with BS EN 877.

Benefits of Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

  • Quiet in operation – Intrinsic sound-deadening properties of cast iron reduce acoustic insulation costs
  • Fire resistant – As a material Cast Iron is non-combustible and has an A1 fire rating which reduces risk and removes the requirements for fire collars
  • The paint finish has been tested and proven to offer high performance when exposed to aggressive substances
  • Inherent strength and low maintenance requirements of cast iron combined with high quality surface coatings offer a fit and forget solution
  • Correctly installed and maintained cast iron pipe systems can last in excess of 100 years
  • Cost effective over the whole life of a building
  • Extremely low waste at end of life – scrap castings can be fully re-cycled
  • High pressure couplings designed for use in high-rise buildings
  • The system can be easily modified and adapt to changes to the building in later life with minimal extra cost which helps keep the whole life costs down

Hargreaves Cast Iron Halifax Soil System

Hargeaves Halifax Soil is a socketless, mechanically jointed cast iron drainage and wastewater system. The cast iron system consists of a wide range of pipes and fittings of different diameters making it suitable for most applications. Hargreaves Halifax Soil pipe and fittings are available in 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm diameters, with a selection of pipe bends, branches, couplings, brackets, boss pipes and other fitttings to suit any project. The Hargreaves Halifax Soil cast iron system has been designed to minimise installation difficulties and maintenance costs over its lifetime. This is a fit and forget system.

Cast iron drainage pipe and fittings are proven to be reliable, durable and strong. They are safe, non-combustible, quiet and with minimal maintenance will last the life of a building. Cast iron is sustainable and can be fully recycled without any loss of its original properties.

Hargreaves Halifax Soil Paint Finish

The Hargreaves Cast Iron Halifax Soil system pipes are coated with a two part epoxy finish, red exterior and yellow interior, which provides improved performance when exposed to aggressive substances. The fittings are also epoxy coated in red. The pipes in this system are coated with an average of 40 microns externally and 130 microns internally. Halifax Soil coatings have been tested successfully for resistance to attack by salt spray, waste water, hot water cycling and solution of acid at PH2 and alkalis at PH12.

Hargreaves Cast Iron Traditional Express Soil System

Traditional Express (TX) is a cast iron push fit soil system designed for a lifetime performance. This contemporary Cast Iron system has the appearance of traditional Cast Iron soil drainage but requires no caulking or sealing. It is quicker to fit saving significant time on every joint. The Cast Iron Traditional Express soil sockets are manufactured to fit 50mm and 100mm soil pipes and fittings. All Cast Iron push fit sockets are supplied with EPDM rubber sealing rings which are suitable for most applications.

The Traditional Express (TX) Cast Iron Soil system has the appearance of a more traditional cast iron soil system, but offers significant time saving installation features. The pipes and fittings are socketless (hubless) and connected with loose sockets at each joint. The loose sockets (available plain or eared), contain a commercial grade EPDM rubber gasket which creates a water tight seal, eliminating the requirement for caulking cord or silicone sealant,  saving significant labour time, and therefore cost, during installation.

Benefits of Traditional Express

  • Ease of use on site creates cost savings through reduced labour requirements

  • Our specially designed gasket relaxing tool and gasket lubricant are the only tools required for jointing.

  • Significant cost savings compared to caulked jointed socket and spigot pipes.

  • Correctly installed and maintained Traditional Express Soil systems will last over 100 years.

  • Readily available through our distributor network

  • Suitable for listed properties and conservation projects.


Hargreaves Traditional Express Cast Iron Coatings

All pipes and fittings are factory coated with a two pack black gloss paint finish as standard, suitable for internal and external installations. All the pipes have an epoxy yellow internal coating. Traditional Express pipes and fittings can also be supplied in colours from the RAL range and also with our Coastal paint finish for marine environments, please contact us for further details.

Hargreaves Cast Iron Premier LCC Soil Pipe and Fittings

The Hargreaves Premier LCC (once known as London County Council soil pipe) Soil Cast Iron range is manufactured to BS 416 and offers a comprehensive range of traditional socket / spigot pipes and fittings for above ground soil & waste systems. The system is only supplied in a black bitumen finish and is joined using the traditional caulking cord and sealant method. Hargreaves Cast Iron Premier LCC Soil is the perfect solution for conservation and heritage projects that require external cast iron soil.

The Cast iron LCC soil pipes are available from 50mm to 150mm diameters in standard lengths 2ft (0.6m), 3ft (0.914m), 4ft (1.219m) and 6ft (1.829m), all Premier LCC soil pipe and fittings are based on imperial dimensions to ensure compatibility with existing installations when replacing or extending pipework.

Ornamental ear bands are available in 9 standard designs to fit all sizes of Premier LCC soil pipes.
  • Cold caulked joints can be made with 6mm caulking cord and black joint sealant. This method removes the requirement for using naked flames to melt lead on site.
  • All Premier soil products are manufactured in accordance with BS416.
  • Ears can be added to any LCC soil fitting on request.
  • Specialist castings and fabrications can be created to fit the specific requirements of your building (pattern charges may apply).
  • Low noise levels due to the sound deadening properties of cast iron.
The Hargreaves Premier LCC Cast Iron Soil System can be cold caulked joints can be made with 6mm caulking cord and black joint sealant, removes the requirement for using naked flames to melt lead on site.
Approximately 4m of caulking cord and a quarter of a cartridge of sealant would be required to make a joint in the 100mm pipe.

The Hargreaves Cast Iron Premier LCC soil Pipes and fittings offer fantastic strength and durability, the black bituminous coating provides long term protection and are highly resistant to distortion caused by accident or vandalism due to cast iron strength properties.
Correctly installed and maintained Premier LCC soil systems can last in excess of 100 years, making cast iron the cost-effective choice due to its long-life expectancy. Minimal maintenance requirements- occasional painting approximately every 10 years (inland areas).

Cast Iron Premier soil pipe and fittings are 100% recyclable at the end of its life making it an environmentally friendly option. Due to the natural sound deadening properties of cast iron the Hargreaves premier LCC soil systems mean it is quiet in operation and achieves low noise levels. Hargreaves Foundry can produce bespoke (specialist) castings and fabrications to fit the specific requirements of your building (pattern charges may apply). Ears can also be added to any LCC soil fitting on request.

Hargreaves can supply LCC soil products in Premier Extra Black Gloss or Premier Extra Coloured paint finishes to match Premier Rainwater systems on request (additional charges may apply). If over painting Hargreaves Premier LCC Soil please refer to your paint specialist or paint manufacturer for a compatible product

Cast Iron Sustainability

Iron is the fourth most common element in the earth's crust. Cast iron can be fully recycled without any loss of its original properties, manufacturers use recycled scrap iron wherever possible. There is a well-established infrastructure for the recycling of scrap iron which means that cast iron products need never end up in landfill.
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