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Ensign Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

Get unbeatable performance with the ensign cast iron drainage range. The cast iron soil pipe is sustainable and excels in fire resistance, acoustics, durability, and longevity. The above ground cast iron pipe provides a wide variety of sizes and fittings for any project. PAM Building offers products and services that make installation easier by using fewer components and saving time.

The ensign cast iron pipe from PAM Building is ideal for commercial, public, and residential buildings. It is especially well-suited for multi-storey buildings that require strong and secure solutions. The above ground cast iron soil system serves for sanitary soil drainage and rainwater systems.

Wide Range for Every Project

  • Diameter range from 50mm to 600mm
  • Large selection of swept branches meeting BS EN 12056-2:2000 standards and Public Health best practices
  • Diverse waste connection fittings with 1 to 6 boss connections
  • Strong robust ductile iron brackets for reliable support

Why choose Ensign Cast Iron Soil Pipe

Fire Performance
  • A1 fire rating per BS EN 13501-1:2018 ensures top-tier fire protection
  • Non-combustible nature prevents fuelling the fire and the spread of molten droplets
  • Compliant with updated building regulations for high-rise residential buildings exceeding 18m
  • Crafted from 99% recycled materials and fully recyclable for infinite reuse
  • Boasts a 70-year life expectancy for sanitary soil and rainwater systems
  • Meets acoustical requirements without extra acoustic products, reducing costs, installation time, space, and environmental impact
High Performance
  • Manufactured by PAM Building in France using the De Lavaud process for superior impact and crush resistance.
  • Reduced surface hardness facilitates easier on-site cutting.
  • Approved to BS EN 877:1999+A1:2006 standards for quality assurance.

New Ensign Agilium Cast Iron Pipe

PAM Building is gradually replacing their old Ensign products with the new Ensign Agilium range. The Ensign Agilium range provides improved sustainable benefits. During this transition, you may see both ranges in your order.
The standard and Agilium ranges are fully compatible, so this will not affect your system's quality or integrity. The Ensign Agilium cast iron pipe has the same benefits as the standard range. These benefits include fire safety, noise reduction, and durability. Additionally, the Agilium range saves time and space.

PAM Building Pre-Assembly Stack Solutions

Looking to reduce on-site installation time by up to 60%, and minimise labour costs? PAM Building offer pre-assembly stack solutions that are air tested at the factory as standard before dispatch. This service helps reduce waste on-site, prevents over-ordering, eliminates the need for cutting pipes, and reduces packaging. For further information on this service, please contact us here.

Other soil pipes and fittings available:

If you have any questions or need more information about our products, you can contact us. You can reach us by phone at 03302 230 275 or by email at [email protected].
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