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Cascade Cast Iron Style Guttering

Brett Martin Cascade Cast Effect Guttering is the most Authentic Plastic Cast Iron Guttering on the market. It uses a unique patened manufacturing process to create cast iron detailing on Guttering, Downpipes, Hoppers and Fittings to give the full appearance of Cast Iron but with all the benefits of a modern uPVC Plastic Rainwater System.

The Cascade range offers a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality, making it an ideal choice for heritage-style renovations and new builds alike. Its unique manufacturing process retains the authentic details and dimensions of vintage cast iron guttering while utilizing modern plastic materials. This combination ensures that the Cascade range doesn't just look like traditional cast iron guttering, but also offers the durability and ease-of-maintenance of modern materials.

The cast effect Cascade guttering and downpipe range is available in a variety of heritage colours, including Classic Black, Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone, and Porcelain White, further enhancing its adaptability to different architectural styles and personal preferences.

Please note Heritage Black is stocked and all other colours are made to order with extended lead times.

The Cascade range is not only visually appealing, but it's also highly functional. Its unique manufacturing process ensures that the gutters and downpipes are lightweight yet durable, making installation easier and maintenance hassle-free. Additionally, the range comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Features and Benefits of Cascade Guttering

  • An affordable cast iron gutter and downpipe alternative
  • Quick and easy to install compared to traditional cast iron guttering
  • Durable, corrosion resistant and Fully UV stabilised
  • Lightweight, robust materials
  • 10-year warranty on all Cascade cast iron style Rainwater and soil systems

Cascade Cast Iron Effect Guttering and Downpipe Range

Brett Martin Offer one of the widest ranges of cast iron syle guttering and downpipes from domestic systems that include 112mm Roundstyle Gutter, 106mm Prostyle Gutter, 115mm Deepstyle Gutter, 68mm Round Downpipe and 65mm Square Downpipe all available with suitable Fittings and Hoppers to complete your project.

Furthermore for larger roofs or projects Brett Martin offer a High Capacity System in the cascade range that includes 170mm Roundstyle Gutter that can used with either the 105mm Round Downpipe or the 100mm x 75mm (4” x 3”)Rectangular Downpipe all available with a wide selection of fittings and hoppers to suit your projects needs.

Additionally Brett Martin have a Cascade Cast Effect Style Soil System to complement the Cascader rainwater system to finish off your project perfectly which includes 110mm cast iron style soil pipe that comes with a wide range fittings and accessories that include soil stack shrouds to give the heritage look and feel, also with compatible access fittings and adaptors in the authentic cast iron style look.

106mm Cascade Prostyle Domestic Rainwater System

The Prostyle Cast Iron Style 106mm Domestic Rainwater System offers a contemporary edge to heritage design, making it a perfect fit for newly built projects with a traditional touch. The system features authentic detailing and finish on all components, including the downpipe, guttering, hoppers, and fittings. It seamlessly incorporates either a 65mm Square Downpipe or a 68mm Round Downpipe, providing versatility to align with your specific needs. Compatible with an array of hopper designs, such as Ogee, Bath, and Gothic, along with motif-enhanced options to cater to diverse stylistic preferences. and is available in seven distinct colour options—Heritage Black, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone, Anthracite Grey and Porcelain White.

112mm Half Round Domestic Rainwater System

The 112mm Round style or Half round Cast Iron Style Guttering System is a seamless blend of traditional cast iron styling that perfectly complements the architectural detailing on heritage buildings. Its authentic design is virtually indistinguishable from original Cast Iron systems, catering elegantly to both period-styled new builds and renovation projects.  Incorporates a 68mm Round Downpipe and is compatible with a choice of hopper designs - Ogee, Bath, Gothic and motif-enhanced options - to cater to diverse stylistic preferences. 112mm Half round is also available in seven colour options: Heritage Black, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone, Anthracite Grey and Porcelain White, each offering a distinct aesthetic appeal.

115mm Deepstyle Domestic Rainwater System

The 115mm Deepstyle cast iron style guttering is a higher capacity rainwater system, designed to handle higher volumes, deepstyle is ideal for larger roof areas, providing superior drainage efficiency whilst keeping the authentic detailing and finish on all components mirroring the refined aesthetics of traditional Cast Iron. compatible with 68mm round cast iron style downpipe, and choice of cascade hopper designs, including the Ogee, Bath, Gothic, and motif-enhanced options, catering to a vast range of architectural styles and personal preferences.  The 115mm deepstyle cast iron effect guttering is available in seven distinct colour options: Heritage Black, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone,  Anthracite Grey and Porcelain White - each designed to heighten the aesthetic appeal of your building's exterior.

170mm Deepstyle Cast Iron Style High Capacity Rainwater System

The 170mm High Capacity Cast Iron Style Rainwater Gutter System is an exemplary solution for traditionally styled buildings with larger roof areas. With period style detailing and superior roof drainage levels, this robust system is compatible with a wide range of large heritage-style buildings, from commercial edifices to churches, and from Georgian and Victorian shop fronts to spacious period dwellings.
Meticulously designed to mirror the aesthetics of traditional Cast Iron systems, the High Capacity System is compatible with a 105mm Cast Effect Round Downpipe or the  100 x 75mm cast effect Rectangular Downpipe. The system's authentic appearance makes it a perfect choice for direct refurbishment replacements, preserving the architectural integrity and charm of your building.
The system's excellence does not stop at its design. It ensures optimal performance through double seals on outlets, unions, and angles. This large, robust Cast Iron Style gutter system not only performs exceptionally but also enhances your property's visual appeal with its authentic finish on the downpipe, guttering, and fittings.
To cater to diverse stylistic preferences, it is compatible with a selection of hopper designs, including Ogee, Bath, Gothic, and motif-enhanced options. The High Capacity Cast Iron Style Rainwater Gutter System is available in 5 distinct colour options: Classic Black, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey and Anthracite Grey.

Cast Iron Effect Hoppers

The Brett Martin Cascade hopper range allows you to add a unique flair to your project with a variety of distinct hoppers. You can choose from classic Ogee, Gothic, or Bath hopper designs, each adding a unique touch to your gutters. For a more personalized touch, the range also offers long and small hopper options that can be customised with a motif. Choose from a number of decorative motifs - Lion, Tudor Rose, Leaf, Gargoyle, Fleur De Lys - to make your project truly one-of-a-kind. You can even personalize your hoppers further by adding a date (please state date with order). This option not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal but also makes the Cascade range an excellent choice for projects where a bespoke touch is required.

Cascade Colour Options

Brett Martin manufactur the cascade range in Heritage Black as the standard stocked colour.

All other colours below sold singly and are made to order non returnable items. These have an 18 working day lead time and are non-returnable.

SD* - Sandstone
CG* - Chartwell Green
GY - Graphite Grey
BU - Oxford Blue
WH* - Porcelain White
GN - Olive Green
AG - Anthracite Grey

*Not available in Cascade 170mm Deepstyle Gutter range.
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