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Copper Gutters

Manufactured by Metal Gutta, the copper gutters we supply are available in three different profiles; half round, ogee, and box. Each profile is available in two different sizes, and all metal gutters are manufactured in 2.4-meter lengths. To complement the copper gutters, a complete range of components are available, including brackets, outlets, stop ends, etc.

Benefits of Copper Guttering Include:

  • Easy to Install: No specialist tools are required to install copper gutters.
  • Low Maintenance: Copper gutter requires no decoration, cleaning, or maintenance other than removal of debris.
  • Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting: With a life expectancy of at least 100 years, copper guttering does not suffer from underside corrosion, unlike other materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable, making it great for lowering the carbon footprint and reducing our impact on the planet.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Copper acts as an algaecide, keeping moss to a minimum, thus keeping gutters clear, making them excellent for water harvesting.

Half Round Copper Gutters

The half round copper gutter range offers versatility with two different sizes:
Standard Profile: 76mm x 125mm
Large Profile: 102mm x 185mm
Designed with a folded back edge for strength and an elegant, rolled front for decoration. Please note, the half round gutters can be installed without the need for unions, as they are connected directly from gutter to gutter using silicone, overlapping, and riveting techniques.

Ogee Copper Gutters

The Ogee copper gutter range is available in two different sizes:
Standard profile: 97mm x 125mm
Large profile: 137mm x 145mm
Featuring an attractive design with a decorative, wavy-looking front. Unions/internal joints are required for the guttering, running outlets, and corners.

Box Copper Gutters

Discover durability and style with the Box copper gutter range:
Standard profile: 75mm x 80mm
Large profile: 100mm x 115mm
Similar to the half round design, the box gutter boasts a folded back edge for strength and a rolled front for decoration. Unions/internal joints are required for the guttering, running outlets, and corners.

Tips when ordering copper gutters

Remember to order rivets (bags of 100):
  • Approximately 2 per joint for half round gutter/running outlet/corner/stopend
  • Approximately 4 per joint for ogee or box gutter/running outlet/corner/stopend
Silicone sealant is required for sealing joints and stopends. A tube will seal approximately:
  • 32 joints in Standard Half Round
  • 20 joints in Large Half Round
  • 16 joints in Standard Box and Ogee
  • 10 joints in Large Box and Ogee
If using your own low modulus glazing sealant, we recommend you test it prior to installation.

Alternative metal guttering options include:

We offer top-notch solutions that seamlessly blend durability, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. For any enquiries, feel free to reach out to us at 03302 230 275 or via email at [email protected].
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