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Fernco, previously known as Flexseal Civils and Drainage - Flexible Couplings, Pipe Connectors & more

Drainage Central offer one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of Fernco products in the UK. The range includes Fernco couplings, pipe connectors, pipe seals and more.

Fernco are a global leader in the design and manufacture of flexible drainage and plumbing couplings.

The Range includes:

Standard Couplings - Designed for sewage, drainage and all non and low pressure applications up to 2.5 bar
Drain Couplings - Designed for drain construction where resistance to earth loadings normally provided by Standard Couplings in not required
Adaptor Couplings - Designed for connecting pipes of different materials and outside diameters
Large Diameter Couplings - Designed for sewerage, drainage and all non and low pressure applications
Extra Wide Couplings - With a 300mm width, deigned for connecting large diameter pipes of any material
Magnum Couplings - The widest flexible coupling in the range at 370mm
Wraparound Couplings - Designed for the repair of damaged non pressure and low pressure pipelines, without the need to remove and replace a section
Bushes - Bushes are designed for use with couplings when connecting pipes of significantly different outside diameters. A bush is placed over the end of the smaller diameter pipe, meaning the OD of both pipes becomes equal. They are available in thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 32mm and can be fabricated according to site requirements.
Multibush - For the connection of DN100 & DN150 pipes of differing outside diameters
Chemical Couplings - These couplings incorporate a chemical resistanct liner edged with expanded PTFE seals. They provide a watertight conection where resistance to chemicals is required

We also stock the complete Plumbing Range of Fernco Couplings that includes Elbows, Tees, and End Caps.

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