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Lindab Magestic Galvanised Steel Guttering And Downpipe

The Elite Magnesium Galvanised Steel Rainwater System (see the Painted Steel Gutter and Downpipe section for the coloured options). Lindab Magestic is an improved galvanised steel material with a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating.

Benefits of Magestic Galvanised Guttering & Downpipe:
  • Elite Galvanisation: New technology has allowed the material to be developed using magnesium to form a robust barrier that protects zinc from corrosion factors, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Proven Protection: Salt spray tests demonstrate that Magestic has the highest surface protection of any metallic coated steel. The steel gutter has more than twenty times the corrosion resistance of hot dipped galvanised steel.
  • Reduced Coastal Corrosion: Magestic corrosion in not influenced by the chlorine content of the environment. Natural exposure tests demonstrate more than three times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanisation in marine environments.
  • Self-Healing Properties: Galvanised coatings migrate to repair red rust on cuts and scratches. Magnesium is more anodic than zinc making the sacrificial properties of Magestic more active than standard galvanisation.
  • Lower Environmental Impact: Galvanised steel is already the most environmentally friendly material used in rainwater systems. Magestic has a reduced impact on zinc resources and less than 25% zinc run off into soils compared to hot dipped galvanised steel.
  • Ages Beautifully: Unpainted metal gutters naturally weather organically adjusting to the installation environment. Magestic settles to an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation.

Alternative steel guttering available:

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