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Gutter Protection Systems

Maintaining our gutters is an important home maintenance activity to prevent blocked downpipes / downspouts or blocked drains causing water damage to our homes.

Guttering needs to be kept clear of leaves, twigs and other seasonal debris to enable them to work efficiently.

At Drainage Central we offer several Gutter Guard solutions helping you to protect your property.

What are Gutter Guards / Gutter Protection Systems?

Gutter guards are designed to prevent the accumulation of twigs, leaves and other materials in the gutter. You need a clean gutter so rain water or thawed snow can freely run through it. There are different types of gutter guard. Here are the most popular ones.

Do Gutter Guards / Gutter Protection Systems work?

There isn't a simple answer, but experts tend to agree that although gutter guards don't provide fool proof protection against all the debris that can litter and clog gutters, they do reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning. Installing a gutter guard / gutter protection system properly will lessen the number of times you'll have to clean your gutters.

What are the different types of Gutter Guards / Gutter Protection Systems?

  1. Brush or Bristle Type Gutter Guard
  2. Mesh Type Gutter Guard
  3. Foam Type Gutter Guard

1. Gutter Brush

Porcupipe Gutter Brush, also known as Bottle Brush, Bristle Brush and Hedgehog Gutter Brush, is easy to install and one of the most inexpensive types of Gutter Protection available. It is easily laid out in the Gutter and works by preventing leaves, twigs, moss and other debris from accumulating. Rainwater can then run freely away from your home. Lightweight debris, such as leaves, that are trapped on top of the Gutter Brush will be easily blown away by wind or eventually washed away without clogging the gutter.

2. Screen or Mesh Gutter Guards

Screen or Mesh Gutter Guards are usually fitted in the top of the Guttering and are held in place by the existing fascia brackets. The fine mesh or screen can be made of plastic or steel and is designed to prevent almost all types of debris from getting into the Guttering System. Leaves etc. that lay on top of the Mesh dry out and are blown away by the wind, however, it is still a good idea to regularly check and clean the screen or mesh to prevent clogging.

3. Foam Gutter Guards

Foam-filler gutter guards are made from porous polyurethane substance and they fit perfectly into the Gutter. They work by blocking all materials, except liquids, from entering and collecting in the Gutter. This type of Gutter Guard also helps in minimizing the development of mildew, fungus and moulds in the Guttering System.

Gutter Protection
Porcupipe Gutter Brush x 2m BRP16CI
Brett Martin Porcupipe Bristle Gutter Protector (2m) available in Black and White
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Estimated Delivery 5 - 7 Working Days
Inc Vat: £14.90
(Ex £12.42)
Porcupipe Gutter Brush x 16m BRP16CI
Brett Martin Porcupipe Bristle Gutter Protector (8 x 2m) available in Black and White
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Estimated Delivery 5 - 7 Working Days
Inc Vat: £110.65
(Ex £92.21)
Gutter Protector System 5m Pack GPS1
Brett Martin Gutter Protection System (5m) for use with 112mm Half Round, Squarestyle and Deepstyle Gutters
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Estimated Delivery 5 - 7 Working Days
Inc Vat: £20.39
(Ex £16.99)