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Hargreaves Foundry

Established pre-1881, Hargreaves Foundry maintains a century-old casting process with modern safety enhancements. They prioritise sustainability by using 100% recycled materials like car brake discs and scrap castings. One of the many benefits of cast iron is that it can be used again and again without ever losing any of its original properties. At Drainage Central, we supply the below product ranges, at competitive prices.

Why Choose Cast Iron?

  • Reliable, durable and non-combustible
  • Features good sound dampening properties
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable
  • Cast iron, unlike plastic, does not contribute to landfill waste

Hargreaves Halifax Drain Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings

The Halifax Drain is a below ground socketless system, complying with BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 standards. Internally lined with a two-part grey epoxy finish for enhanced durability. Available sizes include:

Hargreaves Halifax Soil System

The Halifax soil system is a mechanically jointed, socketless solution that adheres to BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 standards. Pipes are coated with a two-part epoxy finish (red exterior, yellow interior) for added protection against aggressive substances. The fittings are also epoxy coated in red. Available sizes include:

Hargreaves Traditional Express Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

The traditional express (TX) cast iron push fit soil system that has the appearance of traditional cast iron but requires no caulking or sealing. It is quicker to fit saving significant time on every joint. All push-fit sockets are supplied with EPDM rubber sealing rings which are suitable for most applications. Pipes and fittings come with a standard two-pack black gloss paint finish, with custom colours available upon request. All pipes have an epoxy yellow internal coating. Available sizes include:

Hargreaves Cast Iron BS 416 Premier LCC Soil Pipe and Fittings

A classic socket and spigot pipe system suitable for above-ground soil and waste management. Traditional LCC soil (BS 416) is coated in a bitumen paint and is not available in other colours/ finishes. Available sizes include:

We also supply the following soil pipes and fittings:

If you require any further information or assistance in choosing the right soil pipe solution for your project, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected], live chat, or by phone at 03302 230 275.