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lindab Steel Rainwater Systems

Drainage Central offer one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of the Lindab Rainline Rainwater System available online in the UK.

The Range includes:

Lindab Majestic Steel Gutter & Downpipe - an improved galvanised steel material with a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating,

What are the benifits of Magestic Galvanised Steel Gutter System?

Elite Galvanisation : New technology has allowed the material to be developed using magnesium to create a stable barrier to protect zinc’s porous structure against corrosion factors.
Proven Protection : Salt spray tests demonstrate the highest surface protection of any metallic coated steel. Magestic has more than twenty times the corrosion resistance of hot dipped galvanised steel.
Reduced Coastal Corrosion : Magestic corrosion in not influenced by the chlorine content of the environment. Natural exposure tests demonstrate more than three times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanisation in marine environments.
Self Healing : Galvanised coatings migrate to repair red rust on cuts and scratches. Magnesium is more anodic than zinc making the sacrificial properties of Magestic more active than standard galvanisation.
Lower Environmental Impact : Galvanised steel is already the most environmentally friendly material used in rainwater systems. Magestic has a reduced impact on zinc resources and less than 25% zinc run off into soils compared to hot dipped galvanised steel.
Ages Beautifully : Unpainted metal gutters naturally weather organically adjusting to the installation environment. Magestic settles to an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation.

Lindab Polyester Powder Coated Stee Gutter & Downpipe - Rainline from Lindab is the steel rainwater system with the lowest CO2 footprint

Lindab Rainline is the rain drainage system that offers the highest quality, with the lowest CO2 footprint of any other system.

Rainline has been developed by professionals to combine durability, flexibility and ease of installation – and with steel’s low lifetime CO2 impact, it promises decades of performance.

A policy of continual research and development has made Rainline steel systems the top choice for countless installers worldwide.

What are the features and benifits of the Lindab Rainline Steel Gutter System?

Lindab’s steel rainwater system has proved itself to be the most environmentally friendly material available, with a natural place in today’s approach to green sustainability.
A study on the life cycle assessment of rainwater products in different materials has compared the environmental impact of products, processes and disposal of seven different materials, covering their entire life cycle from cradle-to-grave. This study covers materials frequently used in rainwater products such as aluminium, zinc, copper, cast iron, galvanised steel and plastic. This life cycle comparison includes the steps taken up until a product leaves the factory gate; extraction of raw materials, production, energy used, including transport, plus disposal, recycling or waste treatment after use. The environmental impact of all seven materials clearly shows that Lindab’s steel, in a product life cycle study, has the lowest carbon footprint of any of its competitors.

The carbon footprint of steel guttering and downpipe.
Lindab’s steel has the lowest carbon footprint of any rainwater system, with up to 30% manufactured from recycled material, which is itself completely recyclable. The case for Lindab’s steel is further proven with its long-life durability. The useful life of a component is of vital importance; the longer the lifetime, the fewer components need to be produced, making the environmental impact even less.

Lindab Natural Copper Gutter & Downpipe - A limited range of Rainline products are available in uncoated copper. The finish is highly desirable and provides excellent corrosion resistance once it has transitioned to a greenish verdigris patina.

How do I know what size gutter to use?
Lindab Rainline Steel Guttter and Downpipe Installation Guide
Lindab Magestic products all come with a 10 year warranty.

What is Lindab Magestic?

Lindab Magestic is a trademarked galvanised steel material that has been enhanced for use in rainwater systems and standing seam roofs. With a stronger magnesium zinc alloy covering, Magestic delivers the same Lindab quality and trusted product design with even more durability.

What Sets Lindab Magestic Apart from Other Galvanised Steel Gutters?

The trademarked Magestic material was produced utilising new technologies to provide a durable barrier to preserve the porous structure of zinc against corrosion causes. In addition to its high durability, Lindab Magestic also offers self healing properties.

In rainwater systems, galvanised steel is already the most ecologically friendly material. When compared to hot-dipped galvanised steel, however, Magestic has a lower impact on zinc resources and less than 25% zinc runoff into soils.

Lindab Magestic galvanised steel gutters are also shown to be more durable in coastal environments; the amount of chlorine in the environment has little effect on magnesium corrosion. In natural exposure testing, the corrosion resistance of standard galvanisation in marine conditions is more than three times that of standard galvanisation. In fact, salt spray tests on Lindab Magestic have determined more than twenty times the corrosion resistance than zinc dipped galvanised steel gutters.


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