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Lindab Steel Rainwater Systems

At Drainage Central, we proudly offer one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of the Lindab Rainline Rainwater System available for online purchase in the UK.

About Lindab

With a rich history dating back to 1956, Lindab has grown from a small workshop in Sweden to become an international public company. Lindab not only manufactures top-quality products but also continuously innovates to provide system solutions that streamline construction processes while prioritising environmental sustainability.

Benefits of Lindab Guttering

Lindab products are known for their exceptional quality, ease of assembly, energy efficiency and environmental considerations. More benefits include:

Elite Galvanisation: Lindab utilises cutting-edge technology to develop guttering materials with a stable barrier made from magnesium. This provides exceptional protection against corrosion factors, safeguarding zinc's porous structure.

Proven Protection: Through extensive salt spray tests, Lindab's Magestic guttering demonstrates the highest surface protection among metallic coated steel options. In fact, it boasts over twenty times the corrosion resistance of hot dipped galvanised steel.

Reduced Coastal Corrosion: Lindab Magestic gutters are uniquely resistant to the chlorine content found in coastal environments. Natural exposure tests have shown it to exhibit more than three times the corrosion resistance compared to standard galvanisation in marine settings.

Self-Healing Properties: The galvanised coatings used in Lindab guttering have the ability to migrate and repair any red rust that may occur due to cuts or scratches. The sacrificial properties of Magestic, with its magnesium content, make it more active than standard galvanisation.

Lower Environmental Impact: Galvanised steel is already considered an environmentally friendly material for rainwater systems. Lindab Magestic further reduces its impact on zinc resources and limits zinc runoff into soils to less than 25%, compared to hot dipped galvanised steel.

Beautiful Aging: Lindab's unpainted metal gutters naturally weather over time, adjusting organically to their surroundings. Magestic guttering develops an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Lindab Rainline offers an impressive selection of steel gutter and downpipe options, including:

Lindab Magestic Steel Gutter & Downpipe: This range features an enhanced galvanised steel material with a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating. It provides superior durability and corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance.

Lindab Polyester Powder Coated Steel Gutter & Downpipe: Available in a variety of attractive colors, including Silver Metallic, Anthracite Metallic, Anthracite Grey, Black, Antique White, Dark Grey, Brown, Tile Red, Dark Red, and Coffee Brown. This range allows you to match or complement your building's aesthetic seamlessly.

Lindab Natural Copper Gutter & Downpipe: For those seeking a distinctive and timeless look, Lindab offers a limited selection of Rainline products in uncoated copper. Over time, the copper develops a beautiful greenish verdigris patina, providing both aesthetic appeal and excellent corrosion resistance.

Alternative guttering materials available:

We offer top-notch solutions that seamlessly blend durability, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. For any enquiries, feel free to reach out to us at 03302 230 275 or via email at [email protected].

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