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Metal Gutta

Metal Gutta, the exclusive manufacturer of copper guttering in the UK, has been setting the standard since 2002. Their copper gutters, renowned for their quality, are now shipped all over the world. In 2015, Metal Gutta expanded their product line to include natural zinc guttering and 304 grade stainless steel systems, providing customers with a broader selection of finishes.

Why Choose Metal Gutta?

Metal Gutta’s metal rainwater systems are designed for effortless installation by both DIY enthusiasts and contractors, requiring no specialised tools. Metal Gutta are proud that all of their materials offer longevity that exceeds other materials like cast iron, aluminium, steel and plastic guttering.

Copper Gutters

Explore Metal Gutta's diverse range of copper guttering designs, including half round, ogee, and box styles. Available in small or large sizes and supplied in 2.4-meter lengths, these gutters are complemented by a selection of downpipes in various sizes and matching components like downpipe clips, bends, shoes, and water butt diverters. Find the products below:

Half Round Copper Gutters (Small or Large)
Ogee Copper Guttering (Small or Large)
Box Copper Gutters (Small or Large)
Round Copper Downpipe (80mm, 100mm)
Square Copper Downpipe (80mm)

Natural Zinc Gutter

Metal Gutta offers natural zinc guttering in the same signature designs as their copper range. Available in small or large sizes and 2.4-meter lengths. See products below:

Half Round Zinc Gutters (Small or Large)
Ogee Zinc Guttering (Small or Large)
Box Zinc Gutters (Small or Large)
Round Zinc Downpipe (80mm, 100mm)
Square Zinc Downpipe (80mm)

Stainless Steel Guttering

Metal Gutta's stainless steel guttering collection features the same three designs in small or large sizes and 2.4-meter lengths. The accompanying downpipes are available in standard 80mm round, 100mm round and 80mm square options. See below products:

Half Round Stainless-Steel Gutters (Small or Large)
Ogee Stainless Steel Guttering (Small or Large)
Box Stainless Steel Gutters (Small or Large)
Round Stainless-Steel Downpipe (80mm, 100mm)
Square Stainless-Steel Downpipe (80mm)

Other metal guttering options we supply:

If you require any further information or assistance in choosing the right guttering solution for your project, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 03302 230 275.