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Rainwater Harvesting

Why should I install a Rainwater Harvesting System?

How we use our water*
13% washing clothes
30% flushing toilets
33% baths and showers
7% garden and car cleaning
9% other uses

....installing a rainwater harvesting system could supply 50% or more of your domestic water demand and an even more impressive 80% in commercial applications....

Average water consumption in the UK is 150 litres per person (unmetered). 39% or 58.5 litres per day per person could be saved by using recycled rainwater. For a family of four this is 16,38 litres per week which equates to 85,176 lires per year - source Ofwat

*Source: Waterwise

What are Rainwater Harvesting Systems?

Drainage Central Rainwater Harvesting Systems offer complete water re-use and filtration solutions using rainwater from roofs collected through guttering and downpipes, storing it for later use. This can be then used for washing clothes, cleaning vehicles, flushing toilets and watering gardens (keen gardeners will have no fears of hose pipe bans with one of our systems installed)

Rainwater Harvesting Domestic Applications:

With a correctly sized Rainwater Harvesting System 50% of the water required can be supplied via natural means
This should be determined by the area over which the water is collected, also known as the available yield, and is dependent upon the usage from the number of WC's supplied and other irrigation requirements

Rainwater Harvesting Commercial Applications:

On commercial developments such as schools, office blocks, etc the demand for water is typically far greater because of the use of WC's, flushing urinals, vehical washing, watering of landscaped areas .... etc. In these applications a saving of up to 80% is typically achieved

The Brett Martin Rainwater Harvesting System is what as known as a 'direct feed system'. This means that the presssurised water is pumped directly from the tanks to the WC's, Garden Taps, etc.

No need to worry - in times of drought, the system is topped up by the mains back up system - ensuring that the pump never runs dry

What are the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting?

  • can save home-owners up to 50% of their annual potable water usage
  • perfect for washing laundry, toilet flushing, car washing and watering the garden
  • reduces the demand on valuable water resourses, helping to conserve water in the face of climate change
  • helps minimise the impact of predicting higher water charges and water metering

Why use a Brett Martin Rainwater Harvesting System?

The Brett Martin Rainwater Harvesting System:

  • uses a modular unit, providing ease of installation thus ensuring a fast project completion
  • features a calmed inlet to avoid disturbance of settled sedimentation and improve water quality by aeration
  • comes complete with a primed pump, providing reliable performance and reduced maintenance
  • has three inlets for multiple water sources
  • connects straight to Brett Martin Underground and Rainwater Systems
  • is manufactured in the UK, helping to achieve a lower carbon footprint

Rainwater Harvesting Brochure

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting Garden System BMPG
Rainwater Harvesting Tanks suitable for Car Washing and Watering the Garden - this product will qualify for an extra 10% discount
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Estimated Delivery 5 - 7 Working Days
Inc Vat: £1921.81
(Ex £1601.51)
Rainwater Harvesting Home and Garden System BMPH
Rainwater Harvesting Tanks suitable for using around the Home and in the Garden - this product will qualify for an extra 10% discount
More Info
Estimated Delivery 5 - 7 Working Days
Inc Vat: £2976.67
(Ex £2480.56)