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Heritage Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

Proven drainage system for nearly 45 years The Timesaver system, was first launched in 1973, for use on above ground soil and ventilating installations.

In 1980 a below ground Timesaver system was launched to complement the soil range, and together they became market leaders in cast iron drainage.

Above ground

Prestigious commercial buildings built in the 1970’s to the mid 90’s which are serviced by cast iron soil stacks, will most likely be Timesaver. If the building is to be refurbished and changes are required, the latest Timesaver range is best suited to connect to the original pipework.

Timesaver Hertiage Couplings

Timesaver Heritage couplings give the traditional appearance.
The Timesaver range contains push-fit couplings that turns a mechanical pipe system into a system with a traditional socket appearance of yesteryear, as depicted in BS 416 Part 1.
Its primer black coating makes it easy to overpaint for external soil stacks, and is the perfect solution for listed buildings and those situated in areas of conservation. Pipes are available in 3m lengths or in the traditional 1.8m (6ft) length, in 75 and 100mm diameter and by using the Timesaver Heritage couplings, waste is minimised and installation time, compared to the old socket/spigot caulking method, is significantly reduced.
The Timesaver Heritage couplings have been accepted by recognised bodies for all grade listed properties ie. National Heritage, English Heritage etc.

Extensive access fittings

One of the main traits of British design was not only its attention to maintaining the drainage flow with swept branches, but also making sure sufficient access to the system was provided to ensure any blockages could be easily cleared. As a result, the Timesaver range carries more access fittings than any cast iron system on the market, for above and below ground.

Connections to waste systems

Timesaver offers a number of fittings to be able to connect to waste pipes to the mainstack ie. boss pipes, push-fit or threaded (BSPT) but also includes the ‘strap-on-boss’ fitting which enables connection cutting into the pipe.

Both systems were recognised for their quality performance, and were awarded the highly coveted BS Kitemark in 1982.
B4516 Part 2:
For soil, waste and ventilating pipes and fittings.
For drains, pipes and fittings.
Now incorporated in BSEN877
For flexible joints for B5416 part 2 and B4537 pipes and fittings.
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