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Hargreaves Traditional Express Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings

Traditional Express (TX) is a cast iron push fit soil system designed for a lifetime performance. This contemporary Cast Iron system has the appearance of traditional Cast Iron soil drainage but requires no caulking or sealing. It is quicker to fit saving significant time on every joint.

The Cast Iron Traditional Express soil sockets are manufactured to fit 50mm and 100mm soil pipes and fittings.

All Cast Iron push fit sockets are supplied with EPDM rubber sealing rings which are suitable for most applications.

The Traditional Express (TX) Cast Iron Soil system has the appearance of a more traditional cast iron soil system, but offers significant time saving installation features. The pipes and fittings are socketless (hubless) and connected with loose sockets at each joint.

The loose sockets (available plain or eared), contain a commercial grade EPDM rubber gasket which creates a water tight seal, eliminating the requirement for caulking cord or silicone sealant,  saving significant labour time, and therefore cost, during installation.

Benefits of Traditional Express

  • Ease of use on site creates cost savings through reduced labour requirements

  • Our specially designed gasket relaxing tool and gasket lubricant are the only tools required for jointing.

  • Significant cost savings compared to caulked jointed socket and spigot pipes.

  • Correctly installed and maintained Traditional Express Soil systems will last over 100 years.

  • Readily available through our distributor network

  • Suitable for listed properties and conservation projects.

Benefits of Cast Iron

Cast iron is particularly well suited for all drainage systems as it offers many benefits, both for
above and below ground installation, which include:

Strength and durability - cast iron pipes are highly resistant to distortion caused by accident
or vandalism.

Long life - when correctly installed cast iron drainage systems will last the life of the building,
whether domestic, public, industrial or commercial.

Low maintenance - cast iron requires little ongoing maintenance, annual inspections are
recommended but remedial action is rarely required.

Design Capability - cast iron can meet the needs of restoration, refurbishment, conservation and
heritage work as well as new, bespoke and unique designs.

Sustainability - in addition to lasting the life of a building and requiring minimal maintenance, cast
iron is also 100% recyclable and can therefore be used again after the building has gone.

Cost effective - owing to its longevity, durability and low maintenance, coupled with its fire
resistance and low noise operation, the cost benefits of cast iron are significant.

Fire resistance and Safety - The melting point of cast iron is considerably higher than PVCu or PE
and in the event of a fire will not emit toxic fumes or drop burning globules of material from one
compartment to another.

Applicable standards and codes of practice

• BS 416 part 2 – Soil, waste and ventilating pipes and fittings.
• BS EN 681 – 1 Synthetic rubber gaskets.
• BS EN 12056 – Codes of practice for gravity drainage systems, internal buildings

Hargreaves Traditional Express Cast Iron Coatings

All pipes and fittings are factory coated with a two pack black gloss paint finish as standard, suitable for internal and external installations. All the pipes have an epoxy yellow internal coating. Traditional Express pipes and fittings can also be supplied in colours from the RAL range and also with our Coastal paint finish for marine environments, please contact us for further details.
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