Steel Accessories


steel rainwater downpipe universal drain trap
Steel Rainwater Downpipe Universal Drain Trap
Cyclone HDPE Drain Trap Available in Black Only CYC598
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Ex Vat: 7.53
(Inc VAT 9.03)
steel rainwater downpipe self cleaning trap
Steel Rainwater Downpipe Self Cleaning Trap
Cyclone HDPE Self-Cleaning Trap Available in Black Only CYC599
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Ex Vat: 12.69
(Inc VAT 15.23)
steel rainwater downpipe drainage connector
Steel Rainwater Downpipe Drainage Connector
Cyclone HDPE Drainage Adaptor Available in Black Only CYC597
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Ex Vat: 2.12
(Inc VAT 2.54)
steel downpipe rainwater diverter kit
Steel Downpipe Rainwater Diverter Kit
Cyclone Plastic Rainwater Diverter Pack Available in Black Only CYC593
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Ex Vat: 23.20
(Inc VAT 27.84)
steel rainwater bracket screws x 50
Steel Rainwater Bracket Screws x 50
Cyclone Bracket Fixing Screws Pack of 50 Available in Black, White and Silver Metallic CYC596
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Ex Vat: 7.19
(Inc VAT 8.63)
steel rainwater gutter rods
Steel Rainwater Gutter Rods
Cyclone Steel Gutter Supporting Rods 150mm Long CYC815
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Ex Vat: 2.08
(Inc VAT 2.5)
steel rainwater clear sealant
Steel Rainwater Clear Sealant
Cyclone Butyl Metal Sealant 100ml Available as Clear Only CYC816
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Ex Vat: 8.76
(Inc VAT 10.51)
steel rainwater touch up paint
Steel Rainwater Touch Up Paint
Cyclone Touch Up Paint 12ml Available in Black, White, Silver Metallic and Dark Grey CYC817
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Ex Vat: 9.44
(Inc VAT 11.33)