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Steel Guttering

Drainage Central offer one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of steel guttering and downpipe, manufactured by Lindab. The range is available in various guttering profiles and steel downpipe options, along with different finishes like galvanised steel or painted steel.

Benefits of Steel Guttering
  • Long lifespan: built to last, ensuring decades of reliable performance
  • Cost-effective: Steel guttering and downpipes are more affordable compared to alternatives like cast iron or aluminium gutters
  • Easy installation: With a simple click, fit, and forget process
  • Eco-friendly: Lindab focuses on maximising the use of raw materials, components, energy, packaging, and transport
  • Corrosion resistant: Lindab steel guttering and downpipes are highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring durability even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with low-maintenance steel rainwater system
  • Environmental responsibility: Lindab's steel has the lowest carbon footprint among rainwater systems, with up to 30% manufactured from recycled material. Plus, Lindab products are completely recyclable

The Range includes:

Lindab Majestic Steel Guttering

An improved galvanised steel material with a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating. The benefits include proven protection, lower environmental impact and timeless elegance. Explore the advantages of the Lindab galvanised steel guttering here. Choose from half round or rectangular profiles ranging from 100mm to 190mm, and compatible steel downpipes and fittings.

Lindab Polyester Powder Coated Steel Guttering

Lindab Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) steel guttering are available in an array of colours: Silver Metallic, Anthracite Metallic, Black, Antique White, Dark Grey, Brown, Tile Red, Dark Red, Anthracite Grey and Coffee Brown. The painted steel range is available in the same guttering profiles as the galvanised steel options, including half round and rectangular profiles. With sizes ranging from 100mm to 190mm, you can select the perfect fit for your rainwater system. Complete your installation with compatible steel downpipes and fittings.

Lindab Natural Copper Guttering

Lindab Natural Copper guttering and downpipe is known for its beautiful traditional appearance and durability. The finish develops a greenish Verdigris patina, providing excellent corrosion resistance. Additionally, copper's natural toxicity to plant life reduces the need for maintenance against moss and algae growth. The guttering is available in half round profiles (100mm, 125mm, and 150mm), while the rectangular copper downpipe comes in 140mm size. Downpipe options include 75mm, 87mm, 100mm, and 120mm.

Matte Finish Steel Guttering

Lindab now offer steel guttering and downpipe in a sleek matte finish, available in 3 popular colours: matte black, matte brown and matte anthracite grey. Choose from gutter sizes of 125mm and 150mm, as well as downpipe sizes of 87mm and 100mm.

 How do I know what size gutter to use?

 Lindab Rainline Steel Guttering Installation Guide

 Lindab Magestic products all come with a 10 year warranty

Alternative guttering materials available:

We offer top-notch solutions that seamlessly blend durability, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. For any enquiries, feel free to reach out to us at 03302 230 275 or via email at [email protected].

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