Perforated Drainage Pipes

Perforated Underground Drainage Pipes are used for the collection and removal of surface water in a variety of applications including agricultural, Soakaways for Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment plants, Retaining Walls and French Drains.

Visit the relavent section for pipe fittings 110mm, 160mm and Sewer.

Perforated Drainage Pipes
perforated drainage pipex 6m
Perforated Drainage Pipe x 6m
PVCu Perforated Pipe x 6m with 110mm, 160mm, 200mm
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Storm Crate 55 Attenuation Crate
StormCrate55 Soakaway Crate B8250
Brett Martin Storm Crate 55 Tonne 1200mm x 600mm x 347mm (0.25m3). Includes 2 Shear Pin Connectors, and 4 StormCrate55 Connectors. 4 Crates per 1m Cubed. Used in Storm Water Retention, Attenuation and Infiltration Applications.
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