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MDPE Water Pipes and Water Pipe Fittings

Flexible, lightweight, and durable, MDPE water pipes are ideal for burying underground in residential and commercial settings to transport clean, potable (drinking) water. These dependable Brett Martin pipes are available in diameters from 20mm to 63mm and coil lengths from 25m to 150m – all Kitemarked to BS6572 standards. 

Complete installation with essential water pipe fittings from trusted manufacturers like Plasson. The range includes fixtures like adaptors, taps, elbows, and couplers, and equipment such as fitting wrenches, shears, chamfer tools, and squeeze-off tools.

Blue MDPE Water Pipes: The Current Industry Standard for Water Mains.  

Blue MDPE water pipes are cost-effective and easier to install than traditional copper or lead pipes. The MDPE material is lightweight and flexible, yet it boasts exceptional strength, allowing it to withstand high pressure and temperature variations. This resilience means it won’t freeze in winter or lose integrity over time.

MDPE's heavy-duty nature makes it perfect for underground water pipelines, as it can endure surface stress and is less susceptible to bursting. These characteristics ensure a more reliable water supply. We stock coils in various sizes, ranging from 20mm to 63mm in diameter. In domestic installations, 25mm is the most common size, followed by 20mm.

Achieve a Safer, Cleaner Water Supply.

MDPE is ideal for maintaining a hygienic water supply because it doesn’t corrode or support algae, bacteria, or fungal growth. It can deliver cold, potable (drinking) water to homes, other utilities, agricultural irrigation systems, livestock farming, or commercial settings like swimming pools and spas.

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