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waste pipes & Fittings

Drainage Central's Range of Waste Pipes and Fittings include:

Push-Fit Waste Pipes and Fittings in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm.

Brett Martin's push fit waste pipes and fittings will integrate with the Brett Martin push fit soil system. Manufactured in polypropylene, the push fit waste system is available in a range of diameters, to meet the specific requirements of your projects. The pipes and fittings contain captive ring seal joints, ensuring a completely watertight connection that can accommodate thermal movement

Sovent Weld Waste Pipes and Fittings in 32mm 40mm and 50mm.

Manufactured in modified PVCU (MUPVC), Brett Martin's solvent weld waste pipes and fittings are extremely durable. The solvent weld range can withstand very hot water over long periods of time thanks to it's high softening point. Available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm diameters.

Compression Waste in 32mm and 40mm

Brett Martin's compression waste fittings have been designed with thermal movement in mind, and so are capable of withstanding high tempratures. The fittings are produced in white polypopylene and are available in both 32mm and 40mm diameters.
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